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To pursue the eternity

The concept of "throughout the ages" has implanted in our mind for a long time. In handling fengshui for graves, this idea comes out with high hope, as it is perceived to be the source for blessing all the generations.

There is a saying about the separation of pointing direction for the coffin and stele at the same tomb, which is deemed as a target for collecting different "qi" from different angles, can assist the grave for getting past the hindrance of various times.

Once, under this premise, my friend requested the fengshui master to settle the grave setting as this.

"As the timeframe is at 7 group, we shouldn't choose the bearing of 247 to 262 degree. This will do us harm."

" But this is good in a sense that left mountain is balanced with the right one, and have the benefit of water movement. What's the bad?"

"Okay, let's do it this way. The coffin points to 250 degree and the stele points to 100 degree."

"But the environmental arrangement is not problem-fee."

"I am extremely satisfied with the qi gets through all ages."

The setting was done at last in accordance with his request. But one question comes across the mind, "If the mountain at 140 degree is destroyed because of urban development, what will you do?"

"As the bearing is constructed fine, the environment change shouldn't reverse my tomb completely. Never mind, this tomb shall overcome constraints of all ages."

The ending of this matter is not yet shown up. Will this tomb stride across the times? God, perhaps you, may know.



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