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Consciousness creates the world

On speaking of the transmigration of the soul, the talking point always lies in the peculiarity, or even the irrationality of lives. However, such a saying must hinge on one hypthesis: the roaming of consciousness. if the aforesaid theory is untrue, how can the memories of previous life be implanted in this life?

The concept of consciouness is clearly the gist of constructing of non-physical word. As for my consultation, the form of spirit is like a consciousness. When it meets with the one of a man, his mind will be occupied with it and hence "sees" something accordingly.

Of course, the Buddhism concept "Alaya" is an advanced concept for that, which originates from "ALAYA VIJANANA" and is more or less equivalent to the nerve centre or mind centre. To be exact, "ALAYA VIJANANA" is a fruitful concept, implying the accumulations of all kind of causes which build up our material world. In a word, all things in this world is perceived by our consciousness. This surely thinks much of the stream of consciousness.

Back to the criteria of physics, the fourth or fifth world may be the space for consciousness. At first, such kinds of world is only a mathematical theory. But now, it has developed into a "hyper-world". The most popular knowledge Quantum Physics has also highlined the antimatter atom and sub-atom. The meeting of substance or anti-substance will neutralize everything to a hollow. The former paradoxical idea of consciousness seems to be establishing its footing in the modern science nowadays. .



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