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The Final Step Of Evolution

In order to survive better, species undergo evolution to conqueror the death and search for prolonged propagation. Nonetheless, has evolution really been so indispensable that creatures cast no doubt on going for that?

Undoubtedly, propagation implies the dread of death. As the birth must end up the death, the termination of lives may bring about the loss of our species, which drives the creature to long for evolution to avoid the aforesaid complete disappearance.

This concept needs evaluation now. Seeing the approach of new bioeconomy , genetic engineering is going to be the main focus for the coming decades. Heredity is no longer the monopoly of sexual intercourses, which can be substituted by the operation at the laboratory. Since evolution will lose its purpose to a large extent, death wouldn't be a nightmare for the existence of species.

In view of oriental religions, ghosts are just another form of existence at different horizons: Till now, our scientists find 11 horizons. So, if our next leap forward is to explore those worlds by us, death may just become the end of one form of earthy existence only and it marks no end of life.

It appears that there are too many variables for the final step of evolution. Looking down upon the death or traveling around different horizons? Existence and death are going to merge up ......



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